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Market volumes, Market structure, Prices, End User Segments, Suppliers, Importers, Recommendations

Issued: June 2014
New Price: USD 3450

The insufficient number of modern stainless steel production factories in Russia lead to a sustainable growth in the volume of imports. Flat-rolled stainless steel production plays a vital role in the import structure as it is accountable for almost 72% of the total volume. Over the past decade it has almost quintupled from 37.7 thousand tons in 2003 to 180.3 thousand tons in 2013.
Such a rapid growth is a result of an increased demand from newly established consumer goods enterprises, food and medical equipment producers as well as road and rail transport manufacturers. An increase in the use of stainless steel products in construction and architecture has also contributed to this process.
At present, Russian metallurgical companies are not planning on upgrading or expanding their capacities to produce stainless steel products. This means that total import volumes will continue to grow.
If your company is planning to enter the Russian market or simply increase the sales volumes of flat-rolled stainless steel products, all the information you need to know is presented in the following report.
The study contains:

  • Overview of the Russian stainless steel market;
  • Market structure and consumption volumes of flat-rolled stainless steel products in Russia (2003-2013);
  • Russian production and leading producers of flat-rolled stainless steel products (including production volumes, types of products and vintage composition);
  • Current and changing import trends;
  • Information on Russian import of flat cold-rolled and hot-rolled stainless steel HS 7219 & 7220 (including market structure, volumes, vintage composition, supplying countries);
  • List of leading Russian importers of HS 7219 & 7220 (including contact information and import volumes);
  • Ranking of top suppliers of stainless steel to the Russian market in 2013;
  • Guidelines and recommendations

This study contains exclusive and valuable information. It is aimed at answering most of the questions you may have and making it possible to save time and money in the process of establishing new business connections or increasing sales volumes of flat-rolled stainless steel products on the Russian market.
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