35,32 $/bar. 71,88 $/rub. 78,44 €/rub. Ni cash 12124 $/tn Ni 3 months. 12199 $/tn LME Ni 233850 tn Ni average 12128 $/tn Charge Cr 1,14 $/lb


If your company is interested in entering the Russian stainless steel market or increasing the volume of sales, Spetsstal Association offers you the following advertising opportunities:

  1. Placing a banner on pages of the Association website,
  2. Placement of color advertising modules and / or articles in the monthly bulletin "Spetsstal-Express"
  3. Delivering a presentation of the conferences held by the Association,
  4. Thematic seminars commissioned by suppliers or exporters,
  5. Organization of business trips of Russian businessmen on your plant or steel service center.

Participants of SpetsSteel Association