87,04 $/bar. 94,09 $/rub. 100,53 €/rub. Ni cash 18210 $/tn Ni 3 months. 18415 $/tn LME Ni 73482 tn Ni average 17666 $/tn Charge Cr 1,52 $/lb


The Special Steel and Alloys Consumers and Suppliers Association (the short name - SpetsStal Association) is a non-profit organization specializing in the promotion of special and stainless steel and alloys. SpetsStal unites  Russian and foreign producers, importers, regional distributors and end-user manufacturers in Russia (with the active involvement of the Eurasian Economic Union and overseas companies).

SpetsStal Association has been an affiliate member of International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) since 16 May 2006.

The key objectives of SpetsStal Association:

  • Rallying efforts of all interested companies with the aim of an effective and profitable growth of the Russian market for special (stainless) steel and alloys.
  • Encouraging the growth of both production and consumption of special and stainless steel in Russia.
  • Raising awareness of the usability of stainless steel among the population and setting a fashion of multifaceted use of stainless steel in household and in industries.
  • Stimulating fair competition of all market players.

The range of stainless steel products popularized by SpetsStal Association:

  • corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel
  • tool steel
  • heat-resistant steel
  • special steel

The everyday activities of SpetsStal Association:

  • Monitoring and analyzing market situation (new market players, companies ratings, etc).
  • Accumulating a library of technical documentation and educating programs.
  • Providing its members with diverse information of a technical kind as well as analyses and forecastings on the market situation.
  • Holding tenders among its members.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, exhibitions.
  • Arranging business trips, field seminars, plant tours.
  • Supporting its members in establishing business relationships with local and overseas companies.
  • Encouraging the establishment of civilized market relationships.
  • Counteracting unfair competition.
  • Protecting commercial interests of its members.
  • Providing consulting services to its members.

SpetsStal Association is open to all foreign companies:

SpetsStal Association  gladly opens its doors to foreign companies and delightedly welcomes them to become its members. The Association prides itself on having among its members only reliable and trustworthy companies with the best business reputation.

Whether a company is involved or planning to be involved in the stainless steel business in Russia, becoming a member of SpetsStal Association is a passport to success on the Russian market for stainless and special steel.

Participants of SpetsSteel Association