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                                Intellectual Database of Russian Stainless Steel Importers -  2016

"Spetsstal" Association presents the 3rd edition of Intellectual Database of Russian Stainless Steel Importers in 2016.
The third edition is supplemented with statistical information on the volume of companies’ import for the two previous years (2014, 2015).
Issued: June 2017
Price: USD 1625

In 2016, more than 3650 Russian companies have spent 786.82 million dollars on purchasing 307.47 thousand tons of various types of stainless steel products abroad.
The main feature of Intellectual Database of Russian Stainless Steel Importers is the availability of information on the structure and the volume of import of certain types of stainless steel products of importers in accordance with the 6-digit codes of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Eurasian Economic Union (FEACN EAEU), which are maximally similar to the 6-digit codes of Harmonized System Codes (HS Code).
The database (third edition) contains detailed information about 190 leading Russian importers, whose share of imports in 2016 was ~90% of the total volume of Russian import of basic stainless steel products. The database is prepared in PDF format.
Database contains the following information:

  • Established
  • Legal address/Postal address
  • Tel/Fax
  • Website
  • Email
  • TIC (Tax Identification Number)
  • PSRN (Primary State Registration Number)
  • Founding Members
  • Registered Capital
  • Management
  • Products & Services
  • Specialization
  • Sales revenue on Russian market
  • Additional information
  • Branches of the company
  • Affiliated legal entities
  • Volume of import of stainless steel products, 2014-2016
  • Total costs of import in 2016
  • The structure of imported products in 2016 (6 digits HS Code) tons, %

Example of PDF

The database is prepared in PDF format and supplemented with Excel, which contains following information.

  • Link to a page in Database (PDF)
  • Business Name
  • Import product structure (HS Code)
  • Costs of import (USD)
  • Volume of import (tons)
  • Share of products (HS Code) %
  • Company's Website
  • Email
  • Company's profile

Example of EXCEL

This format allows to quickly find importers by the type of product and to form separate groups for a further work. At the same time you can obtain complete information about a particular importer in the major database.

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