53.94 $/bar. 56.27 $/rub. 62.92 €/rub. Ni cash 9290 $/tn Ni 3 months. 9340 $/tn LME Ni 378414 tn Ni average 9200 $/tn Charge Cr 1.54 $/lb


Since 2006 Spetsstal Association has monitored the Russian stainless steel market. The sphere of our interest includes: changes in the volume and structure of consumption, production, import and export of major products.
Spetsstal Association is the most authoritative expert organization in the Russian stainless steel market, maintains business relations with the world's leading analytical companies and information resources.
The association pays great attention to market participants. The rating of leading metal trading companies, Russian producers and foreign suppliers is published twice a year. As a result, the Association publishes INTELLECTUAL DATABASE OF RUSSIAN STAINLESS STEEL IMPORTERS, which provides information about the structure and volume of purchases of all leading Russian importers.
Spetsstal Association also conducts market research of the Russian stainless steel market on the selected range of products.
Leading stainless steel producers from South-East Asia and Western Europe have already benefited from our services.
If your company is interested in entering the Russian market, increasing sales or creating own or joint ventures in Russia, do not hesitate to contact us.

Participants of SpetsSteel Association