80,09 $/bar. 65,31 $/rub. 75,37 €/rub. Ni cash 12470 $/tn Ni 3 months. 12600 $/tn LME Ni 219978 tn Ni average 12495 $/tn Charge Cr 1,24 $/lb
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Russian Stainless Steel Imports in ½ 2018

According to experts of SpetsStal Association, In the first half of 2018, if compared to the same period of 2017, Russian imports of stainless steel products decreased by 5.2% to 166,074 tons.
Imports of flat products decreased by 4.1%, long products - by 23.4%, wire - by 20.9% and welded tubes – by 29.1%.
Imports of seamless tubes increased by 40.7%, fitting/flanges - by 43.7% and slabs/ingots - by 44.3%.
In ½ 2018, more than 600 Russian companies imported stainless steel products of more than 1 ton from 45 countries (in ½ 2017 from 47 countries).
The spent of importers for purchases increased by 7.2% and amounted to 511.45 million USD, and the average customs cost increased by 13.1% to 3,080 USD/tn.

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