66,96 $/bar. 65,99 $/rub. 74,90 €/rub. Ni cash 11280 $/tn Ni 3 months. 11375 $/tn LME Ni 215442 tn Ni average 11525 $/tn Charge Cr 1,24 $/lb
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  • Export
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Stainless steel consumption in Russia increased by 18.8%

   According to Spetsstal Association, the volume of stainless steel consumption in Russia in Q1-Q3 2016, if compared to the same period of 2015, increase by 18.8% to 291.2 thousand tons. At that, the volume of domestic output increased by 3.3% to 86.63 thousand tons, exports - by 0.5% to 3.48 thousand tons and imports - by 26.4% to 208.05 thousand tons.
   The share of stainless steel imports amounted 71.3% (Q1-Q3 2016 – 67.0%).
   Consumption of stainless steel flats rose by 26.7% to 183.65 thousand tons, longs – by 7.3% to 54.62 thousand tons, wire – by 12.0% to 5.68 thousand tons and welded tubes – by 17.1% to 26.66 thousand tons.

   Consumption of seamless tubes fell by 0.5% to 18.26 thousand tons and slabs/ingots - by 22.6% to 2.38 thousand tons.
   The most comprehensive analysis and outlook of the Russian stainless steel market will be presented at the upcoming 11th International Conference “Stainless Steel Price – 2017” which will be held in Moscow on 16 February 2017.
To learn more information and register, please proceed http://stainless-conference.ru/eng.
   If you are able to offer competitive products to Russian stainless steel market participants, then we invite you to take part in the upcoming conference.
Do not hesitate to ask us any questions.

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