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Bulletin Spetsstal-Express

Spetsstal Association pays great attention to information support of market participants. To this end, since March 2009 the Association has been publishing a monthly bulletin "Spetsstal-Express" in Russian.
Accumulated statistics and constant monitoring of the internal and external stainless steel markets allows to visualize and reflect the current market situation and make short-term forecast of its development.
Over the years, Spetsstal-Express has become the main information bulletin of the Russian stainless steel market.
One of the issues of the bulletin
If your company has a Russian-speaking expert, the bulletin will be irreplaceable for the development of your business in Russia.
The main themes of the bulletin:
News • A review of the global, regional and Russian markets • production, export, import and consumption of major stainless steel products in Russia • changes in prices on foreign and domestic markets • dynamics of commodity prices, • decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation and other relevant information about the stainless steel market.
This bulletin uses data from the public and paid sources of information.
Bulletin is focused on top managers of metal trading companies, exporters and importers of stainless steel, as well as specialists of enterprises-consumers.
The bulletin is distributed electronically by subscription in PDF format.
The cost of an annual subscription for foreign companies is 1940 USD.
To subscribe, please fill out the form below.

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